Colby Retirement Staff

Leanne Oelrich, Executive Director

Leanne oversees the daily operations of Colby Retirement Community.  She has over 29 years of experience in healthcare. Her focus is to live by her favorite motto “If you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.”  “The care of the elderly is my passion.  Although I have pursued other avenues in healthcare, I have always returned to the elderly population.  My maternal grandmother was the greatest influence on my life as a child.  She always had time to spend with me, teaching me how to be kind and loving to everyone. Here heart was bigger than life and I try to emulate her to this day.  She was my role model and I am so thankful and blessed to have been her granddaughter.  I believe to this day, even though she is in heaven, she is still guiding me and that is why I have continually returned to the care of the elderly.”

Colby Retirement Staff

Betty Minton, RN, Wellness Nurse

Betty oversees the care of the assisted living residents.  She assesses each resident and coordinates a personal service plan for them. She also coordinates staff education in services throughout the year.

“I worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse for 26 years.  In 2007 my father was placed in a nursing home for Lewy Body dementia.  It was there that I was able to experience  a type of nursing that was unfamiliar to me and in fact scared me.  I saw my father’s nurses interact with the residents in such a kind and compassionate way that I wanted to emulate them.  A year after he passed away I fulfilled that dream by accepting a casual position at a nursing home.  Three years later I fulfilled an even bigger dream by joining the team at Colby Retirement Community.

My work at Colby Retirement Community is challenging in so many ways.  I enjoy teaching the residents and the staff about health issues but also learn from them.  The joy and celebration of life is alive at Colby Retirement Community and I feel very fortunate to be the Wellness Director.”

Connie Ratcliff, Dining Service Manager

Connie oversees the dining services department.  She prepares menus and creates our delicious meals for the residents. Connie does a resident food profile to better understand the likes or dislikes of each resident.

“I have been the Dining Services Manager at the Colby Retirement Community for over 13 years.  During that time I have been proud to serve our residents nutritious homemade meals.  We believe in doing our best  to make each resident feel like they are at home.  We offer a wide variety of meals along with many alternatives so that each resident can choose what they would like.  We also provide the residents with a relaxed dining atmosphere and many social functions that include their family and friends.  I enjoy getting to know each resident and their families and hope to be doing so for many years to come.”

Lori Michlig, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Lori overseas all activities and social events at Colby Retirement Community.  She does a social profile on each resident so that she can offer an array of different activities to them.  Lori has 10 years of experience in activities and over 20 years in the healthcare field.  “My favorite part of the day is when the residents smile and laugh during my activity.” 

Richard Strathmann, Maintenance Director

“I have lived in the Colby area for my entire life. I graduated from Colby High School and attended North Central Technical Institute, receiving an associate degree in Automotive Technology. After completion of school, I started employment in our family painting business.  After completing 32 years there, I began work for a commercial paint contracting firm, and worked mainly in clinics, hospitals, and office complexes. In December of 2017, I retired from that firm.  I also retired with 37 years of military service in 2006. I began working part time at CRC in April of 2018.  I have enjoyed the variety of tasks and enjoy maintaining the facility and resident apartments to the highest standard possible. I also find the staff and residents to be very friendly and accommodating.”

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